Elders in Action Website Launched

Elders in Action Website Home PageBlue Mouse Monkey is very happy to announce the launch of the new website for Portland non-profit Elders in Action. Elders in Action is an independent non-profit organization that advocates for older adults and provides meaningful volunteer opportunities.

EIA trains personal advocates to provide one-on-one problem solving assistance to elders at no charge. Volunteers assist in the areas of housing, healthcare, crime, and elder abuse.

Elders in Action also runs a citizens advisory group, and coordinates speakers and events. EIA is a powerful voice of older adults in the greater Portland area. The wisdom and talent of its volunteers works to build an age-friendly community. 

We designed the site to be elder-friendly, with intuitive navigation, larger font size, and prominent calls-to-action.

Sound Roots School of Music website launched

Sound Roots School of MusicHere at Blue Mouse Monkey we’re happy to announce the launch of a new website for Portland’s Sound Roots School of Music!

Chris and Fara Heath started Sound Roots in 2008 to fill the void of music education left by tightening school budgets and lack of resources. They set out to teach students how to love learning. Today, Sound Roots has helped thousands of kids and adults achieve their musical goals.

Bridgetown Printing website launched

Bridgetown Printing websiteBlue Mouse Monkey was pleased to partner with Subtext to create a new site for one of Portland’s leading printing companies, Bridgetown Printing. The original Bridgetown site was a single page placeholder, so everything in the new site was created from scratch, including new information architecture, look-and-feel, and content. We’re proud to participate in the growing trend towards responsive design with this website. Check it out on any device such as your iPhone, Kindle, or large desktop display, and the layout will rearrange itself to fit the context!

Lisa Onstad artist website launched

Lisa Onstad websiteBlue Mouse Monkey is proud to announce the launch of an art portfolio website for Portland artist Lisa Onstad. Lisa works in book arts and painting, and she teaches workshops at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts and elsewhere. Lisa wanted a clean, minimal design to present her work, and a scalable content management system to enable her to add and edit content over time. Check it out at LisaOnstad.net.

Upstream Public Health website launched

We are very proud to announce the launch of the new website for Upstream Public Health. Upstream is an Oregon non-profit that researches innovative public health solutions and moves them into the mainstream dialogue, providing expertise in regional policy and decision-making. Upstream’s old website obscured the impact of their work. Upstream enlisted Blue Mouse Monkey to provide them with a distinctive platform to frame issues, provide timely information to their audiences, and express the values and upbeat personality of the organization.

Friday at the Ford Open House

So glad Blue Mouse Monkey got a beautiful space in the Ford building 4 1/2 years ago. Since then the neighborhood has come alive, along with the now-full building, and we get to participate in the regular open house events. The June 1 open house was building-wide, all four floors, and it was hopping!

(The downside of the neighborhood coming alive is parking has gone from great to atrocious. Not that I drive all that often – I mostly ride my bike. But some days ya gotta have a motor and a roof to get to client meetings in the rain. And each time I park it’s a little further from the building than the time before. And the clients who drive to Blue Mouse Monkey are starting to complain, too.)

SHnibbins Dog Snacks website launched

Blue Mouse Monkey is pleased to announce the launch of  SHnibbins dog snacks — the website and the product itself. We provided full branding and design services to enable SHnibbins to bring their new line of heart-shaped dog snacks to the market. From logo, letterhead and package designs, through to content creation, audio, website and social media, we created a new brand that focuses on the simple joy of doggie love. Get SHnibbified!

MRG Foundation Justice Within Reach party

The McKenzie River Gathering Foundation is a wonderful Oregon funder that focuses on racial and economic justice, peace, environmental protection, and LGBTQ rights. Each year they have a fundraiser party, and it’s always quite a shindig. This year performers include Spoken Word artist Toni Hill and Afro-Cuban musician Virginia Lopez. More info here.

This year Blue Mouse Monkey is sponsoring a table of ten. The party’s at the Ambridge this Saturday April 21st, starting at 7:00. Get your ticket here and support an amazing local foundation. See you there!

Points of View website launched

nwhf_points_of_viewThe Northwest Health Foundation wanted a new website to support their work in public policy advocacy. Built on the concept of a video magazine, each issue of Points of View covers a topic germane to the work of the foundation, with a short introduction and a collection of videos that reflect the point of view of the NWHF, along with the many points of view represented by their diverse community partners.

A new face for The Conversation

nwhf_conversation_blogFormerly the Community Health Priorities project, this site has been given a fresh new look as it has morphed into The Conversation, the blog of the Northwest Health Foundation. The blog encourages Oregonians to participate in surveys, share feedback, read news, peruse resources, and apply for grants. Since its inception 2008, participation has climbed steadily, and the site returns data that the Northwest Health Foundation can bring to the state legislature.