Sound Roots School of Music website launched

Sound Roots School of MusicHere at Blue Mouse Monkey we’re happy to announce the launch of a new website for Portland’s Sound Roots School of Music!

Chris and Fara Heath started Sound Roots in 2008 to fill the void of music education left by tightening school budgets and lack of resources. They set out to teach students how to love learning. Today, Sound Roots has helped thousands of kids and adults achieve their musical goals.

Mark Orton Music website launched

ortonAn incredibly accomplished composer, arranger, and performer, Mark Orton is known for his several bands, including Tin Hat, as well as his composing for films such as Everything Is Illuminated. Mark’s site is rich in music as well as visuals, with a Joseph Cornell inspired aesthetic. There’s even a ‘radio’ filled with dozens of tunes you can play while you’re looking at other websites. Check it out, and plan to stay a while.