MRG Foundation rebranding and website launched

MRG Foundation home pageHere at Blue Mouse Monkey we were continually inspired by our client the MRG Foundation during the thorough rebranding and website redesign process that wrapped up with the website launch last week.

Our work with MRG began in the spring with discovery: surveys, focus groups, personas, and analysis of the foundation’s position among its audiences of social-change activists, grantees, donors, and foundation peers. A visual redesign followed, (although unfortunately the new logo was delayed until next year) generating new fonts and color palette and a modernized look-and feel. Additionally, we collaborated with MRG to create a new tagline and new boilerplate descriptive text. All this on top of our traditional web strategy work encompassing information architecture, user experience design, user interface design, and WordPress development.

A special feature of the site is the Grants Archive, a searchable database of the last five years of MRG grantees, sortable by date, region, amount, issue area, and leadership, and fully integrated with MRG’s internal CiviCRM grants database.

The new brand strategy and website will serve as a solid foundation and help raise visibility for the MRG  Foundation as it moves forward with its plans for growth and even greater impact on social change in Oregon.

Oregon First website launch

Oregon First real Estate Website home pageBlue Mouse Monkey is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Oregon First. Oregon First is the largest independent, locally-owned real estate brokerage in Oregon. Their new website combines a RMLS data feed with unique customized design (rare for real estate sites!) as well as two blogs (one for agents, the other for the general buying-and-selling public) as well as individual pages for each of the 300+ member agents. Built in WordPress, the site is now easy for Oregon First staff to keep updated.

Boxy but good

Remember Dudley Moore, the ad man who goes crazy in the 1990 movie, Crazy People? He switches to using honesty, and comes up with campaigns like, “Volvos. They’re boxy but good.”

Parisian design collective Maentis is doing something similar in their reimagining of famous logos with a dose of added honesty. Check out their Universal Unbranding portfolio. A couple of examples are copied below to whet your appetite.

BP oil soaked bird




Ikea kitset logo

Sound Roots School of Music website launched

Sound Roots School of MusicHere at Blue Mouse Monkey we’re happy to announce the launch of a new website for Portland’s Sound Roots School of Music!

Chris and Fara Heath started Sound Roots in 2008 to fill the void of music education left by tightening school budgets and lack of resources. They set out to teach students how to love learning. Today, Sound Roots has helped thousands of kids and adults achieve their musical goals.

Bridgetown Printing website launched

Bridgetown Printing websiteBlue Mouse Monkey was pleased to partner with Subtext to create a new site for one of Portland’s leading printing companies, Bridgetown Printing. The original Bridgetown site was a single page placeholder, so everything in the new site was created from scratch, including new information architecture, look-and-feel, and content. We’re proud to participate in the growing trend towards responsive design with this website. Check it out on any device such as your iPhone, Kindle, or large desktop display, and the layout will rearrange itself to fit the context!

Battle of the Brands

Well, I imagine there must have been a battle, because major brands don’t usually acquiesce to this kind of thing.

Leavenworth, WA, the “Bavarian” town is remarkable (if for no other reason) in that the Leavenworth brand is apparently strong enough to dominate major national brands. Corporations must forgo their brand logos and fonts for something that “blends” with the rest of the town, in this case Wells Fargo bank.

Another instance of brand subservience: Bank of America.


The Starbucks brand relinquishing its visual identity in Leavenworth, WA.


Even Subway has to use a fancy “old fashioned” font, although they are allowed to keep the two-color aspect to their name. 

SHnibbins Dog Snacks website launched

Blue Mouse Monkey is pleased to announce the launch of  SHnibbins dog snacks — the website and the product itself. We provided full branding and design services to enable SHnibbins to bring their new line of heart-shaped dog snacks to the market. From logo, letterhead and package designs, through to content creation, audio, website and social media, we created a new brand that focuses on the simple joy of doggie love. Get SHnibbified!

Website launch: Cherie Haney, Metals Artist

cherie_haneyBlue Mouse Monkey recently launched a new website for Ann Arbor metals artist Cherie Haney. Cherie was chafing under the constraints of a Carbonmade website and approached Blue Mouse Monkey for a completely custom solution. The new site is built on Cherie’s aesthetic of organic shapes in layered planes, using the colors of steel, rust, and mineralization. The store is scalable, and the content management system allows Cherie to update her trade show schedule and other information. Cherie is represented by over fifty galleries across the US, and this website will help promote her work even further.

Pressure Point Creative website launched

pressure_point_creativeWe’re pleased to announce the launch of Pressure Point Creative’s new website. Pressure Point provides custom experiential marketing solutions to brands on a national scale. This includes pop-up shops, temporary galleries, publicity stunts, interactive spaces, and more. To give a sense of tactile “objectness”, the site design evokes the embossed quality of letterpress printing, giving the client a unique voice within their industry.