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Your Economy is an interactive resource center where you can explore and analyze economic activity in your own region and nationwide. YE houses more economic data than the U.S. census bureau, and it depicts the dynamic journey of jobs, sales, and establishments evolving through time. However, the existing website was complex and confusing and YE managers were compelled to manage a continuous flow of user queries about how the website worked.


Blue Mouse Monkey rose to the challenge to make the YE website interactive and user-friendly to a wide range of audiences, including the White House, state governors, economists, industry analysts, economic development experts, and the media. An intensive audit of processes, and analysis of user-experience requirements led to a complete redesign of the information architecture, user experience, look-and-feel, and written content. The interactivity is generated by sophisticated JavaScript and CSS, and the bright color scheme is an intentional departure from the stereotypical “blue for business” palette.

    • A highly interactive, JavaScript-rich solution that enables you to dive deep into complex economic data in a matter of seconds.
    • The project’s managers spend more time evolving the project’s features, and less time fielding usability inquiries.
    • New insights from the data are being disseminated among thought-leaders and politicians, which can lead to changes in US economic policy.
    • The project’s managers have a fresh, attractive interface to present at their lectures to government, organizations, and industry.

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“The key to’s success is simple, take the largest set of data on the US economy and display it so that anyone can actually understand and use it for their benefit. The Blue Mouse Monkey team helped take this experience to a new level where a near-perfect mix of technology and creativity encourages people working on various projects to quickly view, grasp, and apply unique economic data in their communities.

Don’t take my word, YE has received great feedback about the interface where one can slide between dates to look through economies over time, even when they are on the road and need to access via their iPad!”

Gregg Cole, IT research leader
Edward Lowe Foundation