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Scott Sparling, author of Wire to Wire

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Scott Sparling is a Portland writer and author of the acclaimed novel Wire to Wire. Scott came to Blue Mouse Monkey for an exceptional and innovative design solution to showcase his edgy novel. Many author websites are lackluster affairs, and Scott didn’t want his to end up like that. It was crucial that the site design parallel the train-hopping, sex-and-drugs atmosphere of his book, making a visit to the website an experience of the flavor of Wire to Wire.


We combined large-scale imagery with interactive quotes, image galleries, song lists, and other content that pulls you into the world of the book. Each page of the website has its own background image theme, chosen not as a literal illustration of the story, but to carry an aspect of the story’s ambience. A blog feeds into the site’s home page, and other requisite author site features include press and events, and social media links.


This author website transcends the genre, attracting a considerable amount of reviews and acclaim for an indy novel, such as being showcased as Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week. Having a really together website for your really together book can only help reinforce the perception of its excellence.

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“Blue Mouse Monkey intuitively understood what my site needed to accomplish. I wanted to engage readers in the story and the environment of my novel using visual elements and design. They created a site that works on every level. The look and feel is unique and dramatic. It fits the book perfectly, it’s easy for visitors to use, and easy for me to update. The feedback has been wonderful — I’ve received consistently positive comments. There are lots of books published every year; the site they created has definitely helped set my book apart. I chose Blue Mouse Monkey believing the creative and artistic work would be excellent, and they totally delivered. I was equally impressed at how efficient the process was – everything happened exactly on time and on budget. They’re a pleasure to work with.”

Scott Sparling, author of Wire to Wire