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Pressure Point Creative provides custom experiential marketing solutions to brands on a national scale. This includes temporary galleries, publicity stunts, interactive spaces, pop-up shops, and more. The client’s old website did little to communicate the nature of their work, nor the extent of their expertise.


Considering this client’s industry specializes in the ephemeral experience, we decided to give them a unique voice by imbuing their website with a distinct tactile quality. The site design evokes the embossed nature of letterpress printing, thus making words do double duty as content and decorative elements.

Subtle artistic details were used to express Pressure Point Creative’s unique approach to their projects. And with a new, user-friendly CMS (content management system), new projects, photos, clients, and case studies can be easily added, even while the client is traveling.

  • An artful yet highly functional website that effectively conveys the breadth of the client’s expertise.
  • The client is positioned as a knowledgeable, creative and honest production team within the promotional industry.
  • The client has new confidence in presenting their service to customers.
  • The new CMS allows the client to easily update and add information.

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“…we love using our new website! It really represents us so beautifully and we feel so much more confident with this asset in place. Thanks again for all of your team’s hard work on it!”

– Kathryn Howard, principal,
Pressure Point Creative