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At PlayWrite, Inc., “youth at the edge” collaborate with local creative professionals to craft original plays that become powerful vehicles through which their voices are heard. The old PlayWrite website didn’t communicate the good work the organization does, and it contained almost no evidence of the artistic output of the participants. Finally, it was difficult for site visitors to take action such as donate or purchase event tickets, and it was hard for the staff to update content.


Blue Mouse Monkey’s overhaul of the website includes a new look and feel, expanded and better organized content, and an archive of plays and songs, with extensive image and video support.

Subtle artistic details, a new color palette and many opportunities to display photos were used to communicate the dynamic, creative nature of PlayWrite. A filterable performance page allows visitors to experience PlayWrite performances through video, text and images. Additionally, past participants can now find their work online and share it with friends and family.

Photos, scripts and performance videos can be added by staff with the user-friendly CMS (content management system). Additionally, staff can easily update the performance schedule and blog to keep the site relevant and alive.

Potential donors can now see how their contribution helps PlayWrite through personal narratives of PlayWrite participants, while giving credit to existing supporters. Also, options to subscribe to the newsletter and “Follow Us” icons (FaceBook, Twitter and Flickr) allow visitors to stay connected with PlayWrite long after they leave the site.

  • The site communicates the liveliness and creativity of PlayWrite and its students through photos, video and artistic details.
  • Visitors can experience the work of PlayWrite students through various media on a page that is simple to filter and search.
  • Fans and donors can see how their support aids PlayWrite, as well as stay connected to the organization through social media and regular newsletters.
  • The PlayWrite staff can easily keep their site as alive and dynamic as the work they do and shine the spotlight on the real stars of PlayWrite, Inc. – the students.

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“Our PlayWrite alumni love that so much about their work is easy to find and share… videos of their plays being performed, copies of the scripts they wrote, pictures of themselves, their classmates, coaches, and actors. And it’s been a very useful tool when talking with prospective donors… lots of information about our organization readily available.”

– Bruce Livingston, Executive Director
PlayWrite, Inc.