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OTREC’s audiences include transportation researchers and planners, transportation and planning students, transportation agencies and industries, the media, and RITA, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s research administration. With such a wide range of audiences and a perpetually growing pool of news and information, OTREC needed a site that made it easy for users to find specific information, but also to make connections between all the information available in the OTREC site.


To help OTREC communicate to its many audiences, Blue Mouse Monkey took on a complex reorganization of content, addition of new content, a new look and feel, and created a new content management system using ExpressionEngine.

Much care was taken in creating relationships between the many projects, initiatives and news generated by OTREC. Additionally, OTREC researchers were linked with their research projects, the university they represent and associations with related news and events.

The “Hot Topics” section highlights OTREC interests that connect transportation research to the general community. Additionally, a space for affiliated student groups was created to help these groups stay connected, learn about one another and find out about current scholarship, internship and job opportunities.

The new browser-based content management system allows OTREC staff to update the website from work, home, or while traveling.

  • A complex website with a high degree of cross-referenced content, yet surprisingly easy to navigate.
  • A dynamic hub that informs and connects the transportation research community and the community at large.
  • OTREC is now able to maximize social media and be a leader among their peers with a comprehensive website that can reach audiences beyond the academic community.
  • The new CMS allows the staff to easily update and add information to serve OTREC’s many audiences.

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