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The owner of a large private collection of antique needlework came to us to put her collection online. Textiles enthusiasts around the world were asking for images from her collection, and the owner was growing weary of burning and sending DVDs.


As well as showcasing the collection, the site disseminates the genealogical research done by Antique Samplers staff. Each sampler is documented with multiple photographs, and its origin mapped on a dynamic Google map. The entire site was moved into the Omeka system in 2013, which allows for even more growth, and potential future integration with other library systems, should the collection become part of a larger institution.

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“We were looking for a way to set up a virtual museum to make our large collection of antique textiles available to a global community. We wanted to include large file photographs, descriptions, genealogical information on the stitchers, along with security features and two levels of membership. This would not have happened without BlueMouseMonkey.

Because of their work membership now exceeds 2500 and the site has become a leading resource for the sampler community around the world. The site makes it easy for us to interact with our members, while preserving the anonymity of the owner of the collection. We continue to be so impressed with how it all works. The site is a trendsetter that’s raised the bar in the field, leading to several others with commercial ventures upgrading what they do! ”

– Owner,