Blue Mouse Monkey was founded in 2001 and grew to take on large complex projects for public and private research and service institutions, as well as the non-profit and philanthropic sectors. The following is from the original website:

We are well equipped to understand the nuances of an organization’s mission, the needs of its diverse audiences, as well as an understanding of the internal and external pressures organizations must adapt to.We bring an exceptional level of creativity and problem-solving, solid understanding of best-practices user experience design, elegant aesthetics, and comprehensive, open-source technical solutions to every project.



We’re a small team of creative, multi-disciplined, hybridizing folks who love the internet and its potential for innovation and social change. Our backgrounds in the arts, social justice, entrepreneurship and education bring a richness and depth to every project. We’re critical thinkers and problem-solvers, always considering the implications of what we do: for our clients, for their audiences, and for the greater cultural conversation.