Thanks for visiting, nevertheless! Blue Mouse Monkey was a mission-based communications company in Portland, Oregon. This website serves as a record of our work with forward-thinking organizations in the areas of research, health, philanthropy and the arts. Blue Mouse Monkey was founded in 2001 and helped dozens of organizations articulate their mission and identity, and resolve complex information issues.

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MRG Foundation home page


The MRG Foundation is the leading funder of progressive social change in Oregon, giving seed-funding grants to grassroots organizations that create positive, systemic change in the areas of racial, social, environmental, and economic justice. MRG is committed to innovative philanthropy, where funding comes from the community, for the community, advancing all of us toward a more just and joyful world.
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Blue searches for brand strategy at the Hampi temple ruins, India
Blue the Blue Mouse Monkey travels the world. Here she is at the Hampi temple, India. For more of Blue’s adventures, and brand strategy in general, check out her FaceBook page »


We collaborate with you in an in-depth dialogue about your organization’s brand and position. We help pinpoint the essence of what you do, articulate your goals, then effectively translate that vision across web, print, and social media. The result is a compelling, effective communications presence that gets results.
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• brand strategy and development
• logo and identity design
• print collateral (brochure, packaging etc.)
• copy writing and copy editing
• surveys and focus groups
• naming and tagline development
• custom website design
• responsive design for mobile
• open-source content management systems
• database development
• organic SEO (search engine optimization)
• social media strategy
• HTML newsletter design and campaigns
• marketing communications
• ongoing consultation and support


Changemaker Organizations

MRG Foundation home page

MRG Foundation

The MRG Foundation is the leading funder of progressive social change in Oregon. Since 1976 MRG has given $13M in seed-funding grants to grassroots organizations that create positive, systemic change in the areas of racial, social, environmental, and economic justice. MRG is committed to innovative philanthropy, where funding comes from the community, for the community. MRG’s democratic grants process enables affected groups to direct resources where they’re needed most. MRG’s leadership and outreach to communities with the greatest needs lifts marginalized voices, igniting social change and advancing all of us toward a more just and joyful world.

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Elders in Action Website

Elders in Action

Elders in Action is an independent non-profit organization that advocates for older adults and provides meaningful volunteer opportunities in the Portland Metro area.

EIA trains personal advocates to provide one-on-one problem solving assistance to elders at no charge. Volunteers assist in the areas of housing, healthcare, crime, and elder abuse.

Elders in Action also runs a citizens advisory group, and coordinates speakers and events. EIA is a powerful voice of older adults, and the wisdom and talent of its volunteers helps build an age-friendly community.

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Institute for Exceptional Growth Companies

Institute for Exceptional Growth Companies (Now the Business Dynamics Research Consortium)

The Institute for Exceptional Growth Companies is a cutting-edge group of researchers that create accessible data and insights for economists, governments, and businesses. IEGC is the national leader in business growth research, and they provide data about the US economy that has the scope and power to help us see our complex financial world in new ways.

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CRITFC Spirit of the Salmon Plan website

Spirit of the Salmon Plan

The Spirit of the Salmon Plan, also known as Wy-Kan-Ush-Mi Wa-Kish-Wit, was written in 1995 by the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission to provide a roadmap for restoring declining salmon populations in the Columbia river basin. This new website for CRITFC presents the entire original plan documents alongside 18 years of data and restoration success stories.

CRITFC’s goal is to make the Spirit of the Salmon Plan documents available online in an approachable, interactive format, to make the information relevant and accessible to policymakers, the media, and the general public.

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Council for Advancing Diabetes Care home page

Council for Advancing Diabetes Care

The CADC is a multidisciplinary group of physicians, academics, and researchers. Their mission is to improve the lives of patients with diabetes by advancing the quality and efficiency of care through better decision-making among patients and providers, population health managers, and policymakers.

Gray Family Foundation website design and build

Gray Family Foundation

The Gray Family Foundation supports outdoor and environmental education for children, to encourage a strong land ethic, sustainable communities and stewardship of the natural environment. They provide grants to Oregon teachers and organizations that get kids learning outside, expanding the concept of environmental literacy to mean loving the land that you live on.

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Acumentra Health. Web development by Blue Mouse Monkey

Acumentra Health

Acumentra Health is a non-profit Quality Improvement Organization dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and effectiveness of health care. They work with practitioners across care settings, and with purchasers, community-based organizations, professional associations, policymakers, and consumers, to ensure that every patient gets the right care every time. Their technical expertise and focus on “change that works” make them a dynamic partner in identifying and implementing effective, affordable approaches to improving patient health.

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New user interface design for CRITFC

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

CRITFC is a large organization with many roles. It manages fish and watersheds, restores salmon through innovative science and policy advocacy, protects archeological sites and tribal fishing rights, and educates schoolchildren, scientists, and the public about the ecological and traditional importance of salmon to the Pacific Northwest. The new site helps position CRITFC as a thought-leader in ecosystem stewardship.

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Your Economy Economic Census website uses extensive JavaScript

Your Economy

Your Economy is a definitive source of economic data about businesses, jobs and sales across the United States. It’s an interactive resource center where you can explore and analyze economic activity in your own region and nationwide. YE houses more economic data than the U.S. census bureau, and it depicts the dynamic journey of jobs, sales, and establishments evolving through time. Blue Mouse Monkey rose to the challenge to make the YE website user-friendly to a wide range of audiences, including the White House, state governors, industry analysts, economic development experts, and the media.

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Antique Samplers sampler detail page

Antique Samplers

How do you make a large private collection available to an international audience? You create an online museum. With a content management system built in the Omeka framework (an open source content management system for online digital collections) the curators at Antique Samplers can update the collection, disseminate genealogical research, and manage memberships. Members can download high-resolution images, track new additions to the site, and add ‘favorites’ to their account profiles.

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Upstream Public Health

Upstream Public Health

Upstream Public Health is an Oregon non-profit that seeks out the most innovative broad-based public health solutions that are backed by science and research, moves them into the mainstream dialogue, and builds momentum for change. Upstream’s goal is to address the most pressing health issues and improve people’s wellbeing, one policy at a time, and making Oregon a better place to live, work, study, and play.

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Spirit Mountain Community Fund home page

Spirit Mountain Community Fund

The Spirit Mountain Community Fund is a charitable foundation of The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. Fulfilling the Native tradition of potlatch, a ceremony at which good fortune is distributed, The Spirit Mountain Community Fund’s focus is to improve the quality of life in Northwest Oregon through community investments that provide lasting benefits consistent with the Tribe’s culture and values.

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Tobacco Free Coalition of Oregon home page

Tobacco-Free Coalition of Oregon

The Tobacco Free Coalition of Oregon (TOFCO) is a statewide not-for-profit corporation representing businesses, advocacy groups and individuals seeking a tobacco-free Oregon. TOFCO is revitalizing anti-tobacco advocacy in Oregon through a grassroots movement and outreach to communities most impacted by the harmful effects of tobacco use.

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PlayWrite, Inc home page

Playwrite, Inc.

At PlayWrite, Inc., at-risk youth craft original plays that become powerful vehicles through which their voices are heard. PlayWrite coaches are drawn from the Oregon theater community, and are trained to work one-on-one with each young person. In the process, the youth learn to trust, manage, and heal their own emotional experiences; to work collaboratively; and to contribute positively to their communities.

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OTREC home page

Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium

OTREC is a university transportation center, based at Portland State University, that houses the National Institute for Transportation and Communities and the Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation. OTREC’s audiences include transportation planners, students, agencies, industries, and the media.

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Innovative Businesses and Professionals

Oregon First, Realtors home page

Oregon First, Realtors

Oregon First is the largest independent, locally-owned real estate brokerage in Oregon. Since its founding in 1994, they have been consistently listed in the Portland Business Journal’s annual survey of Top Residential Real Estate Firms. The new Oregon First website combines a RMLS data feed with unique customized design (rare for real estate sites) as well as two blogs (one for agents, the other for the public) and individual pages for each of the 300 member agents. Built in WordPress, the site is now easy for Oregon First staff to keep updated.

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Indyfab Bikes home page

Independent Fabrication Bicycles

Builders of high-end handcrafted bicycle frames, worker-owned IndyFab needed a new site that communicated the values and aesthetics that earned them their cult following. Blue Mouse Monkey collaborated with Frank Communications and Cascade Web Development to create this rich, full website.

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Mark Orton home page

Mark Orton Music

An accomplished composer, arranger, and performer, Mark Orton is known for his several bands, including Tin Hat, as well as compositions for films such as Everything Is Illuminated. Mark’s site is rich in music as well as visuals, with a Joseph Cornell inspired aesthetic. Primary audiences include film-makers and the media.

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Strand Tea home page

Strand Tea

This large e-commerce site sells tea and accessories based on sustainable practices and social justice principles. Created in collaboration with BridgePoint Creative, this site has a content management system for Strand Tea to make updates and manage orders. Strand’s online orders have grown 400% since the website’s launch in 2008.

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Austin Granger home page

Austin Granger: Photography and Writing

Austin Granger is a photographer and writer who has produced three books. Our challenge was to reproduce the books in web form in a way that preserved as much of the flavor of the physical books, while maintaining good digital user interface and information design. The resulting triple-website presents nearly 400 photographs, along with Austin’s 9-chapter essay on Point Reyes.

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Pressure Point Creative home page

Pressure Point Creative

Pressure Point Creative provides custom experiential marketing solutions to brands on a national scale. Because their industry is about ephemeral experiences, we decided to give this site a unique tactile look. The site design evokes the embossed quality of letterpress printing, and subtle artistic details are used to express Pressure Point Creative’s unique approach to their projects.

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Scott Sparling home page

Scott Sparling, author of Wire to Wire

Scott Sparling is a Portland writer and author of the novel Wire to Wire (Tin House). Scott came to Blue Mouse Monkey for an exceptional and innovative design solution to showcase his edgy novel. Combining large-scale imagery with content that pulls you into the world of the book, this author website transcends the genre.

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Blue Mouse Monkey was founded in 2001 and grew to take on large complex projects for public and private research and service institutions, as well as the non-profit and philanthropic sectors. The following is from the original website:

We are well equipped to understand the nuances of an organization’s mission, the needs of its diverse audiences, as well as an understanding of the internal and external pressures organizations must adapt to.We bring an exceptional level of creativity and problem-solving, solid understanding of best-practices user experience design, elegant aesthetics, and comprehensive, open-source technical solutions to every project.



We’re a small team of creative, multi-disciplined, hybridizing folks who love the internet and its potential for innovation and social change. Our backgrounds in the arts, social justice, entrepreneurship and education bring a richness and depth to every project. We’re critical thinkers and problem-solvers, always considering the implications of what we do: for our clients, for their audiences, and for the greater cultural conversation.